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About Michele D’Amico Creative Glass Art

Michele discovered her passion for glass art in 2006. The process of glass blowing had a captivating draw for her. Learning how to manipulate the glass and create pieces became her passion.

She has studied under a multitude of glass art and has been honing her own skills for over 13 years. Michele does not have an education in art, but rather an education through art.

She is always experimenting with new techniques and styles, crafting unique glass pieces that are robust in design and vibrantly colored.

These pieces can be seen on line at her website https://michele-damico.com and in person at Kospia Farms in 2288 State St. in Alburtis.

Michele also has a different type of glass art using the ashes of loved ones, you can find and order products from her other website https://ashes-2-art.com

About Michele D'amico