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May 1, 2017
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Category:Programming glitches“I think you have to learn. I think you have to accept and deal with failure,” Marco Rubio said. | AP Photo Rubio blames Trump for Florida loss

Marco Rubio blamed Donald Trump on Monday for his loss to Hillary Clinton in the Republican presidential primary.

The Florida senator, who is considering a run for the U.S. Senate, said the GOP nominee hurt himself with “a lot of sins,” and said Trump didn’t like the idea of a contested convention in Cleveland in July.

“I think you have to learn. I think you have to accept and deal with failure,” Rubio told reporters at a breakfast with the Tampa Bay Times. “I think that’s where a lot of people have failed.”

Rubio, who is exploring a Senate run against Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson, said his last-minute decision to run for re-election helped the GOP win Florida.

“I was very, very disappointed that he decided to run for re-election,” Rubio said. “I think I would have beaten him in the general. It was a problem for him.”

Rubio also said he “cannot” support Trump’s nomination and said he’s open to running for president as an independent.

The senator’s comments come amid a growing split in the Republican Party.

Rubio has said he’s open to voting for Trump, but only after he gets to the convention. Trump, however, said in a radio interview Monday that Rubio’s “not going to endorse me” and that “that’s not going to be necessary.”

Rubio, meanwhile, said he still won’t support Trump, but said “I can’t see myself voting for Hillary Clinton.”Search form

Sonic Impressions At New York Toy Fair

NEW YORK (Wednesday, February 8, 2011) – The Tatsunoko Project from Sonic Team and Sunflower Ace Technologies is expected to


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