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tax in europe

the Development of Tax Instruments for Territorial Control in the European Union: A Symbolic Approach
Werker, Klaus
Notes: The objective of this study is to provide a conceptual analysis of the relationship between territorial control and the EU tax regime. (Author)
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A new “functional” methodology for spatial analysis and management was adopted for producing an integrated territorial model of the north-west of the Aosta Valley of Italy. This model consists in a locally differentiated but integrated zoning. An essential part of the methodology consists in the use of the Fast Response System (FRS) for the interpolation of geo-referenced data (proxy hydrographic measurements) considering the local hydrologic conditions. The method adopted allows the definition of the Local Hydrological Unit (L.H.U) which, although locally differentiated, can be characterized as an effective equivalent of the “hypertight” scale level for the purpose of (re)using the proxy hydrographic measurements (that at each L.H.U scale are both more homogeneous and abundant).
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A protection system for an historic monument in the Basque Country was created as part of the technical operation to avoid environmental pollution. The utilization of the protection system is based on the construction of an underground “buffer zone”. The protection system and the buffer zone were designed by Ikerbasque-ABPG, using the Spanish and Basque bibliography for heritage conservation techniques. The bibliography as well as general technical procedures for the construction of the underground “buffer zone” have been translated into the Basque language and work has been carried out in three phases.
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Textile technology is an emerging field with promising growth potential. Both developing and developed countries are using textile technology to produce goods for the international market. The development of textile production in Iran was stimulated by massive exports of textiles in the 1980s, as a result of which a number of new textile industries were established in Iran and the total number of textile workers increased in Iran. Even though textile technology has been developed significantly in Iran, the textile industry is still dominated by large international companies. The numerous small and medium companies are responsible for the production of small goods, mostly clothing, for the local market and for the manufacture of readymade items for the international market. To address this problem, the government and international organizations must support


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Tango gestion 8.6 full

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tango gestion 8.6

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Tango gestion 8.6 full

Tango gestion 8.6 full

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tango gestion 8.6

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tango gestion 8.6

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